Two important awards for Fimet Maniglie

Two valuable surveys recognized such prestige earned by Fimet Maniglie


Again this year, putting a huge amount of effort and commitment, fimet was ranked among the top 500 italian companies for the highest percentage of growth.


Two important awards for Fimet Maniglie

Two important awards for Fimet Maniglie

More than thirty years ago, Fimet Maniglie started its successful business serving the German market, and then extending it to Eastern Europe countries.

Thanks to its focused and customer-friendly policy, Fimet Maniglie achieved the market leader status in those countries. Further strengths ensured this growth: tailored solution for any technical and/or esthetical requirement, goals targeted straight to the customers, attention to the product and tasteful design.

All that led Fimet being present in over 50 markets throughout the world.

Two valuable surveys recognized such prestige earned by Fimet Maniglie: one of them has been conducted by Professor Claudio Teodori, that after having analyzed 500 capital investment companies, based in Brescia province, featured by the best average growth rate in turnover for the three-year period 2015-2017, has rated the company in the 125th place among those examined.

The second recognition came from a team composed by researchers from Economic Department of Venice Ca’ Foscari University and Banca Ifis that basing on recent years results achieved by Fimet, have decided to interview Vittore Bianchi, owner and founder, aiming to study the business model and the company history.

These flattering recognitions made Fimet decide to present its products and brand to the Italian market, a limited business so far. Products range has been enriched of further stainless steel items, thanks to challenging organizational efforts. In a short span of time, a new line of products has been developed: its name is “Fimet Inox Project”. An extra products range will be brought soon: a series of articles dedicated to glass doors, developed and drawn up combining German technical expertise and Italian refinement and sense of style.

Fimet Maniglie goal is to show to customers and to its target market that the production and sales policies guarantee reliability, over the decades stubbornly pursued, thanks to a fruitful organizational and productive continuation.