All Fimet products are produced in compliance with environmental rules and with high quality materials, as per best Italian tradition. The surface of the products can be altered by humid climate with high percentage of saltiness, sour rains, solvents, thermal excursions and exposure to ultraviolet rays. Our products are therefore submitted to salt spray test in order to obtain a reference data for our guarantees. The test is carried on optimal conditions, where the handles are exposed only to salt spray. Therefore, in order to guarantee the result obtained, we recommend not to use corrosive detergent and abrasive cleaners or other cleaning products containing muriatic acid when cleaning the handles, but only a plain smooth cloth with water. We recommend also to avoid installing the handles when the room has just been painted, as the exhalation of the varnish can weaken the surface. Rings, keys, and sharp object in general can damage the surface.

Our finishing have reached the following results in the salt spray test:

  • Cataphoresis varnished brass: beyond 250 hours
  • Cataphoresis varnished bronze: beyond 250 hours
  • Galvanized chrome: beyond 250 hours
  • Galvanized lacquered nickel: beyond 250 hours
  • RAL: beyond 250 hours

Moreover our products are guaranteed for 10 years against mechanical defects when installed correctly.

Fimet guarantees its products solely when used in compliance with the necessary care. Surface damages caused by misuse or wrong installation are not covered by this warranty, nor are covered normal wear discoloration on finished or corrosion. Fimet can’t in any case be held responsible for damages resulting from any other cause.

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