About us

The company Fimet maniglie was founded in 1986 to serve primarily the German market.

Thanks to the efforts of the Bianchi family, it has constantly developed and nowadays it serve more than 20 markets.

Prototyping and study of new models of handles adapted to meet the needs of customers in the various markets served is evidenced by the wide range of coordinated, which are produced in compliance with environmental rules and with quality materials.

The commitment to find technical solutions to meet the requirements of our customers are a guarantee of the supply of high quality products.

Flexibility and professionalism are the two words that for over 25 years are part of our daily lives.

Vittore and his sons efforts are focused to provide customers with tailored solutions for any technical problems and seek to facilitate the marketing of the products through the study of personalized promotions, packing and exhibitors stand that can be adapted to every need.

The family character of the company is its strength “We do not just produce handles, we take care of every aspect from conception to finish, we are proud to represent the Made in Italy.”

We recently obtained certification class 3 and class 4 at the institute IFT Rosenheim and the fireproof at the IBS to help our customers to market a full range under all points of view.

Our mission

Fimet is a company that represent in the world the manufacturing excellence of Made in Italy: the attention to detail, the choice of the materials, the passion that drives our managers are synonymous of quality. It is certainly not necessary to emphasize that the flexibility and professionalism inherent in the realization of our production characterize our activity: customized technical solutions, aimed sales and post-sales services are part of our corporate culture.

We love green

We chose to use for our production, quality materials. Aware of the role that companies nowadays must play to ensure a sustainable production, we demand the respect of environmental policies and the use of non-harmful substances in the production process, in accordance with European policies. Indeed, we are aware that the future of our children depends on us, and we work so that they can grow up in a clean environment.