About us


The family nature of the company is its strong point “we do not just produce handles, but we take care of everything from conception to finish, we are proud to represent the Made in Italy”.

The owner of our company, Vittore Bianchi has a rich and long experience in the craft field. First he has been engaged in the automotive field, where he honed his natural curiosity and dedication to its own work and for the product that he was concentrated, from time to time, to realize. Closed this first experience, he approached, as a sales agent of an auxiliary product (paint), the world of handles and the realities that produced them. At that stage, in the late seventies, the birthplace of Vittore was already known as one of the most important industrial areas of the handles production. Hundreds of entrepreneurs in the valley, with thousands of employees, were engaged in this sector, expression of Made in Italy. The innate Vittore’s curiosity, combined with his entrepreneurial spirit, led him to found a company which carried out work for third parties, as part of the articulated chain of the handles production. This first experience was born during one of the most dynamic districts handle Valsabbia: there were some opportunities to expand the business to those who, like Vittore, was endowed with the spirit of enterprise. It is no coincidence that our founder has participated in international exhibitions and fairs of the sector, with the aim to understand the needs and the specific requirements of international operators, who were in contact with the final customers.
Based on this experience, Victor founded in 1986 Fimet, acronym of metal finishing. In that year the reference market of the new company was the German one but now, after almost thirty years from the beginning, the markets reached and served by the company of the Bianchi family are over twenty. The children of Vittore are actively involved in the company, Luca is responsible for quality and production, while Marica is responsible for sales.